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Based on a true story

Why Network Science

Network Science is relevant to an in-depth understanding of many areas of interest: Data Science, Cyber ​​security, Neurology, Social Networking, Marketing, Blockchain and many more buzz words.

I haven't found any Podcast that is dedicated to Network Science besides Knitting Networks Podcast and mine of course... Unfortunately, one is in Spanish and the other in Hebrew.

Here in Israel, there is also a shortage of sites in Hebrew that deal with this fascinating field and certainly with its possible applications.

I guess the reason is not because Network Analysis is complicated.
On the contrary, it is very accessible.

The problem is that when adopting a network-perspective we gain a new way to look at things which is contrary to almost any intuition we have about reality. Thus, for those who like to stay in line, I suggest taking the blue pill and head back to the Matrix.

Asaf Shapira

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